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Closed Case Round Up January 2019

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Jan 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Each month our tax attorneys help solve everyday taxpayers problems. Our tax attorneys get levies released, set up IRS payment plans, help guide our clients through an IRS audit and help them resolve their tax debt through an IRS resolution. We help business owners who made a mistake and now owe thousands, clients who got sick and got behind on their taxes and people who got confused by the new tax law. Here are some of the best cases we were able to solve this month!

Case #1: One of our clients started a business with one of their friends and ended up owing the IRS thousands of dollars due to bad bookkeeping. Our client’s business partner didn’t put their name on any of the businesses’ documents and didn’t pay any taxes the business owed. After starting a new job, our client hired another tax attorney to help him resolve his tax problem. Unfortunately, all the attorney did was file a few of his missing tax returns and get him into a temporary resolution. Our client came to us desperate to fix his resolution permanently as he was now ill and could no longer work. After getting the rest of his tax returns filed, we went ahead and calculated how much he could afford to pay the IRS. We then negotiated a $25/month Partial Payment Installment Agreement with the IRS. This not only solved our client’s tax debt once and for all, but it saved them over $150,000 in the process.

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Case #2: A lot of our clients fall into tax trouble because of sickness or disability. In this case, a client we were able to help this month was diagnosed with terminal cancer years ago and so he stopped filing his taxes. After being out of work for a few years, his cancer went into remission and he was able to start working again. It was then that the IRS put a levy on his paycheck. When our client came to us, he hadn’t filed his tax returns in almost 10 years. The Polston Tax team was able to file all his missing tax returns along with getting the levy on his wages released so he could have income again. After going through our client’s financials, we realized he didn’t have the money to make monthly payments to the IRS. We worked vigorously with the IRS to prove our client’s hardship and get him approved for Currently Not Collectible status. Now our client doesn’t have to worry about making monthly payments and has saved over $120,000.

Case #3: Owning a business is one of the most common ways to get into tax trouble, especially if your business goes under. Our next client owned their own construction business but had to shut it down due to the business going bankrupt. After the bankruptcy, our client had a hard time finding a job and had barely worked for the past couple of years. Due to not working, our client was not able to afford his home and was forced to sell it. After going over our client’s financials and talking to him about what type of resolution would be ideal for him, we decided to try and secure an Offer in Compromise for our client. Because our client had minimal income and didn’t have a lot of equity, our team was able to get an Offer In Compromise for only $5!!! This not only help our client end their tax problems, but it saved him over $90,000!!!

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