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Closed Case Round Up: November 2018

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Nov 15, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Check out some of the cases we were able to close this month! One includes a client who hadn't filed for five years and was on the brink of being levied. Read about our other client who fought back after the collapse in 2008 but couldn't find a way out of their tax trouble. 

Case 1:  Not filing your tax return can cause large tax liabilities for you and make it hard for you to get into a good resolution. This client hadn’t filed in over 5 years, even though he was working full-time for the United States Postal Service. When our client came to us, he had almost $100,000 in tax debt and was on the brink of being levied. Luckily, we were able to hold a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing and got the levy released, saving our clients money from being seized. After the CDP hearing, we started to work on getting our client an affordable resolution. Our client was trying to sell his house to help pay off some of his debt and living expenses. Unfortunately, he had a lien on the house, so any money made from the sale would go to the IRS. Not only were we able to provide sufficient evidence to get the lien removed, but we also were able to secure a $25 Offer in Compromise for our client. This saved our client over $99,000 and ended his tax problem once and for all!

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Case 2: Our next client had always paid his taxes on time until the unthinkable happened. Our client was in the residential building industry and due to the collapse in 2008, he had to file bankruptcy and couldn’t find a new job. With barely any income, our client couldn’t pay the taxes he owed from when he had a job. When he came to Polston Tax, our client was desperate to get his debt settled. After negotiating with the IRS, we got our client set up in a installment agreement.  Due to some errors with the checks he wrote, the IRS defaulted his installment agreement and levied him. Our office stepped in once again and worked to get a second installment agreement set. This time the IRS defaulted his payment plan because he made a payment from his businesses bank account and not his personal. With few options left, our office secured a new Partial Payment Installment agreement for our client that kept his payments at $25/month. This not only saved him over $75,000, it also helped him stay compliant and not default his agreement!

Case 3: Setting up your own resolution can sometimes only be a temporary fix and will most likely leave you with a high monthly payment. Our next client had set herself up in a installment agreement and ended up getting kicked out of it by the IRS because she made too much money. The IRS offered her a new agreement but the payment was too high for our client. Our client worked a lot of overtime and the IRS was using that to make her pay more. With a baby on the way and on disability due to several surgeries, our client wanted to fix her tax problem. After getting her financials, we found out our client was being levied. We were able to argue for a levy release for our client and were able to place her account into Currently Not Collectible status! This helped our client have money for her new baby and saved her over $41,000!

If you need help settling your tax debt with the IRS or State, call Polston Tax Today! Our team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, Case Managers and Tax Accountants will help you get the best resolution possible and solve your tax problems once and for all!
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