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Why You Should Hire an IRS Tax Attorney if You Owe Taxes

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Dec 21, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Why You Should Hire an IRS Tax Attorney if You Owe Taxes

Owing taxes can be a tricky situation and dealing with the IRS can be scary and intimidating. Just like you wouldn’t  try to get a settlement for a car accident alone, you shouldn’t try to resolve your tax problems alone. An IRS tax attorney can not only communicate on your behalf with the IRS, they can help find tax debt solutions that work best for you and your situation.

Who Should I Get IRS Tax Help From?

If you are looking to get IRS tax help, you should look at getting a qualified IRS tax attorney. An IRS tax lawyer is familiar with the tax laws and can represent you in Tax Court if you have to go there. If you hire a tax attorney, they will do the arguing and negotiating for you. They can help explain all the IRS tax relief solutions that you qualify for and what that would mean for you. A tax lawyer will also advocate and negotiate on your behalf with the IRS. They can help argue for tax deductions or other tax items the IRS is trying to take away from you. You can also get a tax consultant to help you stay out of tax trouble in the future. A tax consultant can help you file your taxes correctly and make sure you are paying your tax debt on time and efficiently. If you need help filing your tax return, find a good tax preparer. If you aren’t sure how to file or what tax credits you will qualify for, both a tax attorney and a tax preparer can help you find the right ones.

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What Should I Look for in A Tax Attorney?

It may seem easy to hire a tax attorney, but it’s important to know what to look for when hiring one. First, make sure they are in fact a tax attorney. Yes, any type of attorney can represent you, but a qualified tax attorney will have the experience and knowledge you need to resolve your tax issue efficiently. Just like you wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon for brain surgery, you shouldn’t go to a divorce lawyer for tax help. Sure, they could give you advice, but if they don’t have personal experience dealing with IRS tax problems, chances are you’ll be paying for advice that won’t really help you.

When looking at hiring an IRS tax lawyer, you should ask each potential tax lawyer a few questions to see if they are qualified.  One thing to ask any potential tax attorney is if they were also an accountant at any point. Several tax attorneys have experience as accountants and therefore have a better knowledge of how your financials work and will use that to their advantage when negotiating with the IRS. This gives you and your tax attorney a leg up because they will have a better understanding of what your financial situation looks like and what it should look like.

Another thing to ask a potential tax attorney is how far that tax attorney will take your case. Some tax attorneys will just file the proper paperwork for your IRS resolution but will not negotiate with the IRS on your behalf or won’t go through the appeals process with you if your tax resolution is denied. This is important as almost always when trying to get a resolution, the IRS will ask for substantiation or more information about certain items. The IRS may also deny part of the resolution or want to increase the amount you pay, if your tax attorney is not going to go to these lengths for you, then you will probably not get an affordable resolution and still have a tax debt. Some tax lawyers won’t help with releasing bank levies or wage garnishments, so if you have one or fear you may receive one, ask about those too. When discussing your case with your tax attorney, ask them each step they will take and what will happen if you are denied or if you need to appeal. Make sure you get it in writing if they are promising that they will work on your case until they reach an agreement for you. Most tax attorneys will have you sign an engagement letter or some type of agreement outlining what they will do for you. Some attorneys may have additional costs for the appeals process or adding in additional tax years that you owe taxes on, this is normal, just make sure these costs are written out in your letter and you understand why those additional charges may occur.

Most importantly, find an IRS tax attorney that you trust and that communicates with you. With so many moving parts, it is easy to get lost of confused when you are trying to resolve your tax problem. Make sure your attorney and you have set reliable expectations and that you always communicate with them. Things can change and come up, and it’s important that you communicate with each other.

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