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Closed Case Round Up for January

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Jan 16, 2018 2:21:34 PM

On this month’s closed case round up, we have one business investor who got audited after trying to claim loss income, a retired IRS employee that fell behind on her taxes, and a self-employed contract pumper that forgot to file a few years of his tax returns. Here’s the details on how some of our clients fell into tax trouble, and how we helped get them out!

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The Quick Guide to IRS Revenue Officers

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Jan 11, 2018 11:29:47 AM

If a Revenue Officer is assigned to your case to collect your past tax debt you should not act alone. Revenue Officers are authorized with absolute collection power. Normally we tell clients that the IRS will not call them. The exception to this rule? IRS Revenue Officers. Not only can they call you, they can show up on your doorstep! If it is your business that’s in tax trouble be prepared for the possibility that your customers will receive notices instructing them to send the IRS your money instead of sending it to you.

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What You Need To Know About Getting Audited

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Jan 9, 2018 9:45:59 AM

Audits can be scary and confusing to most taxpayers. Most don’t know how or what the IRS looks at to determine who to audit each year. Audits can be a long and exhaustive process that examines every aspect of your financial history for the tax year in question. The average taxpayer won’t be audited in their lifetime, but it could happen to you. To help you learn more about audits, we have your biggest questions about IRS audits and the answers for those very important questions.

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How to Determine if You can Claim a Dependent on Your Tax Return

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Jan 4, 2018 11:56:28 AM

Tax season is upon us and as your life changes each year, so does the way you file taxes. One of the biggest changes can be when you have a child or when your parent moves in with you. Both of those changes can give you the opportunity to save money by claiming them as your dependent.

For every qualified dependent you claim, you can reduce your 2017 taxable income by $4,050. That can add up to a lot of money, but how do you know who qualifies as a dependent? Well, there are two types of dependents and each type is subject to different rules. For both types of dependents, the dependent must be a U.S. citizen or a resident of Canada or Mexico. You also can’t claim someone who takes a personal exemption for their self or claims another dependent on their own tax form. This also applies to someone who is married and files a joint tax return.

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Letters You Can Get From The IRS Pt. 1

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Jan 2, 2018 11:58:31 AM

The IRS sends millions of letters to taxpayers every year for many different reasons. These letters can be letting you know anything from the money you owe the IRS, problems with your tax return, or if you are going to be levied. Some letters need a response, while others are just giving you an update. Any notification from the IRS can be scary and if you are getting them for the first time, you might not be sure what the letters mean. Here are a few important notices to be aware of as some may require urgent action.

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Tax Dates and Deadlines for 2018

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Dec 28, 2017 4:21:13 PM

A new year meansnew tax deadlines!! Here is just a list of the major tax dates and deadlines for 2018!! Mark them down on your calendar so you don't forget!!

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Closed Case Round Up: December Edition

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Dec 8, 2017 3:26:11 PM

Check out just a few of the FANTASTIC results achieved for our clients! This month's round up includes a contractor who hired a national chain to fix his taxes and ended up owing more money to the IRS and a business man who got into tax trouble after his partner failed to file or pay the company's taxes.

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Celebrity Tax Trouble: December Edition

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Dec 5, 2017 1:31:52 PM

There are two certainties in life; death and taxes. No matter if you make millions of dollars every year or if you only make a few thousand, you are going to get taxed. And just like us, celebrities can run into tax trouble too. Celebrities usually run into tax trouble when they don’t pay the taxes on their earnings, when they file fraudulent returns or lie about their income. Here are just a few of the celebrities who had their own run ins with the IRS.

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How to Plan Ahead for the 2018 Tax Filing Season To Avoid Delays

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Nov 20, 2017 10:41:14 AM

How to Plan Ahead for the 2018 Filing Season to Avoid Delays

The end of the year brings on plenty of stresses and preparation for the new year. That includes preparing to file your 2017 tax return. By taking just a few steps, you can not only help avoid delays in getting your tax refund, you can make filing your taxes a smoother process.

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Veterans Can Now Use Exchange to Shop Tax Free

Posted by Cailey Taylor on Nov 14, 2017 9:01:00 AM

Veterans across the nation are about to receive a permanent shopping perk. Beginning November 11th, honorably discharged veterans who aren’t retirees will get access to military exchanges through, the online site for the Army and Air Force Exchange Services. Military retirees currently enjoy the tax-free shopping through the website.

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