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The New Rules Regarding Expenses

Padding Your Tax Deductions Could Mean Serious Consequences

Medical & Dental Tax Deductions: What Counts As A Deduction?

Can You Still Deduct Meal Expenses?

IRS Announces Increases to Retirement Contributions

IRS Announces 2019 Standard Mileage Rates

IRS Tax Refunds: The Truth About When You'll get Your Tax Refund

Don't Rush Filing Your 2018 Tax Return, File an Extension

1.2 Million Taxpayers Missing Out on Tax Refunds

File Your Return Now and Avoid IRS Penalties

Divorces & Taxes

College Admissions Scandal Could Turn Into Tax Trouble for Parents

IRS Urges Taxpayers to Double Check their Estimated Tax Payments

Closed Case Round Up March 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Reaches Deal in Tax Evasion Case

IRS Releases New Warning About Taxpayer Advocate Spoofing Scam

You Can Still Contribute to Your Retirement & Get a Tax Break for 2018

Tax Refund Increased for 2019 Filers

Tax Credits That Lower Your Taxes & Help Your Community!

Self-Employment and Your Taxes

Here's The Tax Credits and Tax Deductions That Changed for 2018

IRS Warns Taxpayers About "Ghost" Tax Preparers

IRS Sees Drop in Amount of Tax Refunds Issued

Closed Case Round Up: February 2019

Shakira Charged with Tax Evasion

Celebrity Tax Trouble February Edition

Questions You Should Ask Your Tax Attorney Before You Hire Them

What Counts as a Medical Expense Deduction?

The U.S. Tax Court Takes On Cannabis Businesses

Why You Should File Your 2018 Tax Return Early

Winning the Lottery & Paying Taxes

Your 1040 Form Will Look Different This Year

Tax Season Has Started, Here's a Few Things to Keep In Mind

IRS to Give Taxpayers a Break On Penalties This Year

Closed Case Round Up January 2019

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Changed Your Alimony Deduction

IRS Announces Standard Mileage Rate for 2019

Best Closed Cases of 2018

Who Qualifies as a Dependent and How do I Claim Them?

Five Things to Remember for This Year's Tax Season

Child Tax Credit Increased Under Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

IRS Will Process Federal Tax Returns and Tax Refunds Despite Shutdown

Is the IRS Really Calling You?

Tax Dates and Deadlines for 2019

Tax Deadline Approaching for Employers and Contractors

Estimated Tax Payment Due Soon!

Closed Case Round Up: December 2018

Why You Should Hire an IRS Tax Attorney if You Owe Taxes

So You Owe Taxes and Need IRS Tax Help...

The Difference Between A Tax Credit and a Tax Deduction

How to Lower the Taxes You Owe Before the End of the Year

IRS Tax Audits 101

What Is Tax Law?

Important Tax Information for Cannabis Businesses

IRS Announces Retirement Contribution Changes

Closed Case Round Up: November 2018

Living Abroad and Paying Taxes

What You Should Know About Donating to A Political Party & Taxes

Does Tax Reform Affect Bottom Line for Farmers and Ranchers?

Could State Taxes be Hurting Your NFL Team?

Cleaning Up Your Records After Disaster Strikes

Celebrity Tax Trouble: October Edition

Closed Case Round Up: October Edition

How to Know Whether to File Married Filing Joint or Married Filing Separately

Know The Difference: Tax Levy versus a Tax Lien

Private Debt Collectors For IRS Won't Release Percentages

IRS Clarifies Rules On Deducting Meals with Clients

Deadline for New Depreciation Deduction Fast Approaching

All The Changes Created by theTax Cuts and Jobs Act Pt. 3

What is the Alternative Minimum Tax & What Does it mean for you?

New Tax Credit Available to Businesses With Paid Leave

Keeping Your Tax Documents Safe

What Is the 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction?

Tax Attorney Charles Rettig Confirmed as New IRS Commissioner

Closed Case Round Up: September 2018

What To Do If You Can't Pay Your Taxes

What Tax Breaks Are Available For Me?

How Long Should You Keep Receipts?

All The Changes Made By The Tax Cut and Jobs Act Pt. 2

Should You Amend Your Tax Return?

All The Changes Made By The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  Pt.1

Estimated Tax Payments Due!

Celebrity Tax Trouble: September Edition

Tax Reform Changes Levy Challenge Time Limits

Unemployment Benefits & Taxes

IRS Creates Regulations for SALT Deduction Cap Workarounds

How to Boost Your Tax Refund!

Apple Still On The Hook For EU Taxes

Getting Letters From The IRS? Here's What You Need to Know

What Is A Revenue Officer & What Do They Do?

States Sue Over State and Local Tax Deduction Cap

IRS Announces 130,000 Combat-Injured Veterans May Be Owed Tax Refund

How The IRS Will Contact You

Closed Case Round Up August Edition

Major Changes Coming To Tax Form 1040

Heavy Highway Use Tax Return Deadline Approaching


Offshore Financial Program Ending Soon!

Tax Tips for Starting A Small Business

Income Tax Return Extension Deadline Approaching

New Tax Law Changes Certain Deductions

Closed Case Round Up: July Edition

Student Loans & Taxes

President Trump Taps Candidate for IRS Commissioner

Tax Tips For Newlyweds

Supreme Court Rules On Online Sales Tax

Closed Case Round Up June Edition

How to Avoid Being Audited

Scammers Put A New Twist on an Old Phone Scam

Taxes in 2018: What Personal Exemptions and the Standard Deduction Means For Your Family

Interesting Taxes from Around The World

Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How To Avoid Liens With The IRS

Celebrity Tax Trouble June Edition

The Role Of Tax Court and How You Get There

Why You Should File Your 2017 Tax Return By June 14th

The Consequences of Withdrawing Early from Your Retirement Account

Special Tax Benefits for Members of the Armed Forces

New Tax Law Causes Changes to Deductions

How To Know If It's the IRS Calling You

What To Do If You Can't Pay Your Taxes On Time

How the New Tax Law Can Affect Your Small Business

Closed Case Round Up May Edition

Collections Due Process Hearing: What Is It?

How the New Tax Law Changes Your 2018 Tax Deductions

IRS Announces End to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The New Tax Law and How It Affects NFL Players

The Top 12 Common Types of Scams For Taxpayers

What is Currently Not Collectible Status & How Do You Qualify For It

What To Do If You Didn't File Your Federal Tax Return On Time

Closed Case Round Up April Edition

House Passes IRS Reform Bill

IRS Extends Tax Deadline One More Day Due to Website Crash

Why You Should Make Sure To Take Advantage of These Tax Deductions

Selecting The Right Filing Status For Your Situation

How To Avoid These Most Common Tax Return Mistakes

How to File an Extension for Your 2017 Federal Tax Return

Americans Missing Out On Over $1 Billion In Unclaimed Tax Refunds

Tax Deadline Approaching!!

Two Deductions That Are Affected By The New Tax Law

Incorporating Your Nonprofit

Closed Case Round Up For March

IRS Mileage Reimbursement Explained

A Few Tax Deductions You Could Be Overlooking

2017 Return – Your Last Chance to Claim the Personal Exemption

The Different Types Of Levies You Can Face

What Is A Penalty Abatement and How Do I Get One?

How to Avoid Having Your Identity Stolen During Tax Season

What Is An Offer In Compromise & How Do You Qualify For It?

How To Avoid Losing Your Passport Due to Unpaid Tax Debts

Closed Case Round Up For February 

What is the Earned Income Tax Credit And How Do You Qualify For It?

How to Avoid Waiting For Your 2017 Tax Return Refund

Tips For Picking the Best IRS Tax Preparer 

Letters You Can Get From The IRS Pt. 2

Celebrity Tax Trouble: January Edition

The Difference Between an IRS Tax Lien and an IRS Levy

Closed Case Round Up for January

The Quick Guide to IRS Revenue Officers

What You Need To Know About Getting Audited

How to Determine if You can Claim a Dependent on Your Tax Return

Letters You Can Get From The IRS Pt. 1

Tax Dates and Deadlines for 2018

Closed Case Round Up: December Edition

Celebrity Tax Trouble: December Edition

How to Plan Ahead for the 2018 Tax Filing Season To Avoid Delays

Veterans Can Now Use Exchange to Shop Tax Free

Special Tax Benefits for Veterans

Scammers Could Be Knocking at Your Door

Closed Case Round Up: October

E-Filing Deadline Approaching

How to Avoid Getting Scammed Online and On The Phone

How to Avoid Getting Scammed Online and On the Phone

Closed Case Round Up: September

The End of the Tax Return Extension is Coming Soon!

How to Give Your Child Your Stocks

What to do to Receive Tax Benefits if you are Paying for Your Child's College

Closed Case Round Up September

What to do to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Breach

The State of Bitcoin Could Soon Change and Become Tax Exempt

Important Tax Deadline Approaching: 3rd Quarter Estimated Tax Payments

How to Avoid FBI-Themed Ransomware Scams

The Impact of Hurricane Harvey Grants Victims with Tax Relief

The Impact of New Legislation Could Help Taxpayers Pay Off State Taxes

Highway Use Tax Deadline Approaching

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Identity Theft

Why You Should Always File Your Tax Returns

The Impact of Traveling for Charity on Your Taxes

Taking Advantage of Miscellaneous Deductions

Closed Case Round Up

How You Can Claim Your Rental Income On Your Taxes

IRS Issues Warning About A New Phone Scam

IRS to Use Private Agencies to Collect Unpaid Taxes

Taxpayers Will Now Have to Pay by Check for Ruling Request

Keeping Your Records Safe During the Storm

Student loan forgiveness can increase tax liability

5 Tools For Tracking Expenses

IRS reports $1 billion of unclaimed refunds for 2013

Scam targeting deaf and hard of hearing

Three Major Tax Refund Myths

Auditing the IRS: Two Reports on the 2016 Tax Season

CEO Fraud and W2 Phishing

Delinquent Taxpayers to Have Passports Revoked

New Rules for Gambling Winnings

Online Retailers and New Tax Laws

The IRS, Free File, and You

Tips for the 2017 Filing Season

Non-filers and Billions in Taxes

Offers in Compromise: the IRS Can Do Better

How to Deduct Charity-Related Travel

Avoid Refund Delays with Careful Preparation

Vacation Homes and Taxes

What is an ITIN, and Do I Need to Renew it?

Five Tips for Starting a Business

Hobbies that Earn Income

Prepare for Natural Disasters

Schedule Your Year-End Tax Review

Coming Next Spring: A New Private Debt Collection Program

The Great Debate: Presidential Taxes

Taxpayers Beware: Fake IRS Tax Bill Notices

Tax Myth Busters

Tax-Related Identity Theft – How to Protect Yourself and How to Fight It

Letters from the IRS: Stay Calm and Simply Respond

Back-to-School Reminder for Parents and Students

Small Business Corner: Medical

Tax Deductions for Military

The IRS Says to Check Your Withholding

What’s the Deal with IRS Appeals?

Business Tax Breaks in Kansas – How Much Is Too Much?

Taxes at Every Age: A Handy Guide

Tax Tips for Folks Over 70

Tax Tips for 60-Somethings

Tax Tips for 50-Somethings

Tax Tips for 40-Somethings

Tax Tips for 30-Somethings

Tax Tips for 20-Somethings

IRS Installment Agreements 101

Small Business Corner: Freelance Writing

Small Business Corner: Etsy Business

Small Business Corner: Car Dealership

Why Your Small Business Needs an Accountant

Small Business Corner: Hair Salons & Hair Stylists

It’s Not My Fault! What Qualifies Me for Innocent Spouse Status?

Should I File for “Currently Not Collectible” Status?

Your Taxes Before, During, and After Divorce

Small Business Corner: Landscapers & Gardeners

What is a Revenue Officer?

Small Business Corner: Tax Deductions for Theft

Who Can Represent Me In Front of the IRS?

Small Business Corner: Construction

Resolutions with the IRS or State – Compliance is First Step

The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

Change Is In The Air! Tax Updates for 2016

Tax Time Is Coming – Should You Go Pro

Why Are My Cell Phone Taxes So High?

I Have to Report That?? Surprising Things That Count as Income on Your Tax Return

Believe It Or Not: Strange Things That Are Actually Tax-Deductible

‘Tis The Season for Deductions: IRS Guidelines for Year-End Charity Gifts

So, Your Taxes Have History, Too: Part 2

So, Your Taxes Have History, Too: Part 1

Tax Help for Farmers and Ranchers: The IRS Actually Has A Soft Side.

That Stuff You Heard About Offers in Compromise Is Really Not True

Tax Issues for the 2016 Election

The Wild, Wild West: The New Frontier of Pot Taxes

So… What About That October 15th Extension Deadline Thing?

Slice of Life: What Are My Assets?

Slice of Life: Get Rid of My Lien, Please

Slice of Life: I Got Levied!

Slice of Life: I’m Confused

Slice of Life: I’m Running Scared

Slice of Life: I Hate Filing Quarterly!

Slice of Life: I've Been Scammed!

Tax Liens 101

License Sanctions 101

Bank Levies 101

Wage Garnishment 101

IRS Leaves More Than $16B On the Table; Are Taxpayers or the Agents to Blame?

IRS to Crack Down (Even Harder) on US Businesses… How Will This Affect You and Your Business?

IRS Phone Scam Costs Taxpayers Millions: Don't Be a Victim

IRS Nightmare: As if Your IRS Dispute Wasn’t Bad Enough, a Tax Lien Can Ruin Your Credit and Make it Impossible to Get a Loan

IRS Controversy: How a Thirty Dollar Mistake Can Turn Into a Five Thousand Dollar IRS Penalty

IRS Funding May Be Reduced: Is This Good News for Taxpayers?

IRS Tax Filing Season May be Over, But IRS Scams Are Still Heating Up

Don’t Get Caught in a Tax Nightmare: IRS Modifies Offshore Disclosure Program

Facing IRS Penalties Because Your Small Business Didn't Properly Report Retirement Plan Activity? The IRS Offers a Way Out.

IRS Gives Away $13 Billion in Fraudulent Refunds While Demanding That You Account for Every Penny

IRS Budget Cuts Have an Impact: What the Changes Mean for Taxpayers

More Americans Than Ever Before Filing Taxes on Their Own: Could This Lead to IRS Problems?

Need Help with Your Taxes? Good Luck Getting in Touch with the IRS!

IRS Tax Controversy: Red Flags That May Increase Your Chances of Being Audited

IRS Tax Controversy: Private Swiss Banks No Longer Safe from the IRS

IRS Tax Controversy: The IRS Sets its Sights on Boxer Manny Pacquiao

Can You Trust the IRS with Your Personal Information? New Study Says No!

IRS Nightmare: Could the IRS Drain Your Business Bank Account?

IRS to Taxpayers: We May Be Shut Down… But Your Taxes Are Still Due

IRS Tax Resolution: IRS Audit Revenues Are Down… What’s Their Next Move?

IRS Tax Management: Don’t Fall Prey to Identity Theft

IRS To Target Small Business Owners: Will They Come After Your Business?

IRS Hypocrisy: Does the IRS Live Up to the Standards it Demands from Taxpayers?

IRS Tax Controversy: IRS May Pay Millions in Bonuses to Agents

IRS Tax Controversy: Another Day, Another IRS Scandal

IRS Tax Controversy: When the IRS Makes a Mistake… Will You Suffer the Consequences?

IRS Tax Controversy: More IRS Intimidation Comes to Light

Don’t Pay the IRS More Than You Must: Itemized Deductions vs. Standard Deduction

Do You Have Unclaimed Refund Money with the IRS?

Will IRS Incompetence Cost You?

Don’t be Fooled by Phony IRS Correspondence

IRS to Begin Processing Tax Returns January 30

If You’re Counting on Your IRS Tax Refund in 2013, Be Prepared to Wait

Yes, the IRS Really Will Tax Your Doughnuts

IRS Horror Stories: Is Your Business at Risk?

IRS Audit Rate Skyrockets for High-Income Earners

IRS to Taxpayers: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Education Pays: The Tax Benefits of Higher Education

IRS Disputes: Here’s What to Expect

The IRS is Nothing if Not Thorough: Just Ask US Olympians

The IRS is Aggressively Pursuing “High Wealth” Individuals

Need to Settle Your IRS Dispute Quickly? We May Have the Answer

Look Out, Taxpayers: The IRS Continues to Grow

Facing an IRS Dispute? Here’s Some Good News

Supreme Court to the IRS: Yes, You Do Have to Play by the Rules

You Can’t Escape the IRS - Even on Social Media

IRS Disputes Won’t Go Away On Their Own: Take Action!

IRS Audit Myths: Here’s What You Need to Know

Five Tax Return Mistakes to Avoid

Tax Preparation: Three Reasons You Need a Qualified Professional

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